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23 April 2010 @ 10:30 am
Five Facts about Mycroft Holmes  

A continuation of ninjaboots 's five facts meme.  Click here to read my five previous facts about Watson. 

Five Facts about Mycroft Holmes

1)  Mycroft Holmes is dedicated to his work.  He serves his country, he does his duty, and he is always willing to make the hard choice.  Because Mycroft is his father's son, as much as Sherlock is his mother’s.  And so, just like their father had waited twenty-four years, until Sherlock had graduated university and both his sons were fully independent of him, to join his wife by putting a bullet in his brain, Mycroft sits at his desk, drawing up plans and pretends that the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many.    

2)  Mycroft lives alone.  He has a valet of course, and a housekeeper, maid, and secondary chef, but when he returns exhausted from his work at Whitehall, there is no one waiting for him the foyer with an exasperated but fond expression saying, ‘You look tired.  You shouldn’t work so hard, but I’m glad you finally made it.  I’m glad you’re okay.  I was worried.’  Mycroft genuinely values his solitude, however when he looks into his future he sees no change, no warmth to come home to.  But when Sherlock comes to his house, Mycroft meets him at the door, takes his coat, scowls and says, “You look terrible, Sherlock.  You are going to drive yourself to the ground, it’s a wonder you were able to make it here at all.  I’m glad it was under your own power and you are without injuries for once.  Come in for God’s sake.  How is your amateur detective business coming along?”  I was worried, he said with his eyes.  I know, thank you for that.  I missed you, Sherlock’s say in return, very guardedly, though he knows it’s a futile gesture and that Mycroft knows that he knows.  Mycroft doesn’t have anything to come home to, but he can make a home regardless, for the sake of another.

3)  Mycroft Holmes loves food.  He loves dining thrice daily with at the very least, three courses per meal.  Sherlock has always been the one with all the energy, taking up boxing and fencing and all manner of other sports or physical conditioning when bored and Mycroft has largely allowed him to.  Because when you are only the second genius born in the family, it doesn’t make you less special, it means you aren’t special at all.  So Mycroft lets Sherlock have his athleticism, his lean physique, and energy.  Besides, Sherlock may not be able to remember, but Mycroft’s fondest memories are of chocolate croissants his mother insisted on making by her own hand. 

4)  Mycroft did not like Victor Trevor.  Mycroft prefers the Doctor infinitely more.  Because whereas Trevor followed Sherlock out of novelty and interest, Watson follows him with loyalty and goodness.  Only goodness grants extras, Mycroft had warned more than once.  He found it singularly amusing when he had been doubly quoted in one of the Doctor’s fanciful memoirs.  To prove to his brother just how right he was, he keeps every issue of the Strand in a prominent place on his bookshelf and points them out to Sherlock every time he visits…Doctor in tow, of course.  

5)  Mycroft Holmes does not want children.  Though he knows any progeny of his would have remarkable gifts and would undoubtedly leave their marks in history, he cannot bring himself to have one.  Because he had already raised one good man and that effort had been so close in failing, he did not want to tempt fate a second time. 

cmdccmdc on July 30th, 2010 10:34 am (UTC)
Holy crap that was awesome, especially fact 5.
茕蝶/Renata (all for a pair of green eyes): sherlock - mycroftsnowlight on September 1st, 2010 12:50 am (UTC)
The first and last part just about killed me. T_T