"All other men are specialists, but his specialism is omniscience."

(The Bruce-Partington Plans)

The Elder Holmes
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A community for the appreciation of Mycroft Holmes
This is a community for the appreciation for the vastly under-appreciated elder brother of Sherlock Holmes.

Please DO

1. Use this community to post fanfiction / discussions / art / videos about the elder Holmes

2. Use a lj-cut if your work is over 100 words or 200x200 pixels

3. Warn readers if your post contains any of the following: adult material, slash, het, violence, drugs, death

3. Community-lock all R or NC-17 rated posts. Any others posts may be community-locked at the member's discretion

4. Use this community to promote all things Mycroft


Please DO NOT

1. Post abuse or flames directed at other members

2. Post abuse about the Mycroft (Sherlock will be most displeased)

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